HQ Solutions

Staff Manager


  • One hundred percent web based program accessible on PCs, tablets, phones and any device that has a browser
  • Role based access permissions: Teacher, Department head, Principal, Instructor, Observer, etc...
  • Integrated Email
  • Extensive use of grids to provide sortable and filterable information
  • Easily accessible course curriculum with multilevel approval process
  • History of all courses and PDP activity is maintained online.
  • Bulk entry of teacher PDP credits into the NYSED web site for the annual reporting


Professional development tracking is required by many states for teachers who have professional certification and some TAs that are required to do a certain number of hours in approved professional development activities in order to maintain their certifications.

Additionally, tracking may be required based on stipulations in union contracts or needed as part of a teacher’s evaluation. This program is designed to make the PD tracking process transparent and easily available to all members of the staff from teacher to the administrators.